Master Tim

Hello All,
I am from Cincinnati, OH and am currently living in Tucker, GA, I live about ¾ of a mile from 1763, America’s largest BDSM dungeon.

After many years of searching for my perfect slave, I have finally found her.

tigerlily_slave is Owned and wears my Collar. I Collared her after a rigorous training period in an authentic and traditional Rose Ceremony on 2/22/14.

I have been a Master for 30 years, starting in June of 1984, in Jacksonville, Florida.
I had graduated in ’84 from a major Southern university where I played football in the SEC for 4 years. After I earned my B.A. in Business Administration, I then joined the US Navy as an officer where I spent the following 8 years. I was Master of a Polyamorous household with over 8 women living together on a secluded farm in rural Florida.

During the 1990s I was involved in advocating slave rights, getting Masters in line
with treating their slaves humanely, all the while making time for writing and publishing three books on spanking. I gained quite a following with my flamboyant approach to education. I have taught spanking at some of the major BDSM clubs in the South-Eastern U.S.

Almost 6 years ago, I was one of the first people (number 1,069) to join a new group called FetLife. The internet had opened up the Lifestyle and John Baku began with an idea that has grown to millions today.

The Master’s Room concept was born out of my Experiences and my time on B.E.S.T.slavetraining, FetLife, and the other sites that weren’t so good like and We in no way want to be as big as these sites, we would rather focus on the quality of our content, presentation and understanding.
We started simple and grew with a strong foundation of Honesty, Trust, and Loyalty.
Today we have to grown to 63 groups and profiles on 12 sites.
We recently named Master Omar Zien as our Education Director. We are blessed to have such a talented and knowledgeable Master in our Organization.
We are always looking for quality admins to add to our groups.

I am the Patriarch of a large, traditional Leather Family who protects the Lifestyle and our members. The members list reads like a “who’s-who” in the BDSM world. The members consider each other family with strong, binding ties. If one is attacked, we ALL swarm like killer bees.

It all goes back to this, though:
Being a Great Master takes kindness and patience that no handbook, or thread, can teach.
There is no Greater Honor than having an individual submit Heart, Soul and body to another.
With this Honor comes Great responsibility.
The true dedicated lifestyle offers enormous rewards for both Master and Slave if Communication, Trust and Love is the foundation of daily life!

I hope to see you all in our groups very soon! Please make sure to say hello. I genuinely want to hear from you.

☠ MasterTim ☠


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