i am tigerlily Thomas, originally from Lawrenceville, GA, and living in Tucker, GA, with my Master.

i am an Owned and Collared slave of Master Tim, the Owner of Master’s Room BDSM Educational Groups.
Master Tim Collared me after a rigorous training period in an authentic and traditional Rose Ceremony on 2/22/14.

i am serving Master Tim in a 24/7, M/s Relationship. i have been in the Lifestyle for almost a year now and it surprises me constantly both how much i have learned and how much i have yet to learn.

Being an Owned and Collared slave has changed my life so positively in ways that could only be described as miraculous. Besides losing the 100 pounds and going from size 24 to 5, i now carry myself with the pride of an Owned slave who is able to hold her head high in the knowledge that she is loved and protected like she has never been in her life.

i run O/our Polyamory groups, which is such a great honor (but a lot of responsibility).

To be the Owned and Collared slave of someone with such high regard as Master Tim is both amazing and a great responsibility and i hope that i can bolster His reputation and live up to His expectations.

♑ ♄ ☨ tigerlily ☨ ♄ ♑


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